Register for the upcoming test session in 3 easy steps! 

Test Date: June 20, 2018

Registration Deadline: June 1st, 2018 11:59pm

Scroll to the bottom to download a PDF.

1) Fill out the online form here:

Fill out form Completely and accurately. Please obtain all required signatures. If the skater is under 18 years of age, a parent signature is required. If application is missing information, it may be discarded. Full payment must accompany all test applications. If paying by check, a $35 fee will be levied for all returned checks. Payment must be in USD. If paying by check, we cannot accept checks drawn on foreign banks even if in USD. Visit our club website for the test day schedule which will be posted approximately 1 week prior to test day. 

Name Of Skater *
Name Of Skater
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Name of Applicant if 18 or older signing / or Guardian signing *
Name of Applicant if 18 or older signing / or Guardian signing
The USFSA and its member clubs conducting tests undertake no responsibility for damages or injuries suffered by test candidates. As a condition of and in consideration of the acceptance of this test application, the named test candidate/applicant (and their parents and/or guardians if a minor) agree to assume all risks of injury to the candidate/ applicant's person and property resulting from, caused by or connected with the conduct and management of the tests, and to release any and all claims which they have against any officials, the USFSA, the club hosting the tests and against their officers. *
Skater's Professional *
Skater's Professional
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Professional's Phone
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International Dance
Free Dance Per Skater
Free Dance Solo
Adult Free Dance Per Skater
Adult 21 + and Adult 50 +
(per skater)
Adult Pairs
PLEASE CHOOSE ONE! Application will not be complete until payment is received.

PLEASE HIT THE "SUBMIT" BUTTOM ABOVE SO YOUR ONLINE FORM IS RECORDED. When entered correctly, you will see the "submit" button change into a "thank you." If you do not see "thank you," please review your form and try hitting "submit" again. 

2) *** have a home club officer send an email to for approval stating that the skater is a member in good standing.***

3) Payment:

first click on the $15 Judges fee. Then click "Back to testing" above the purple box. continue adding an "out of club fee" if you are not a first club NEFsc member of fscb, and add each test that your skater is taking. When done, click "check out."  

***DSC skaters do not have to pay the

"out of club fee" for this June 20th, 2018 Test Session***

Click here to pay online


pay by check - click here to download pdf worksheet and mail in with check

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis, with NEFSC and FSCB members taking precedence. No refunds will be issued unless the test day is cancelled.