2) *** have a home club officer send an email to for approval stating that the skater is a member in good standing.***

(not required for NEFSC first club members)

Simply click here to generate an email and add your home club officer email into the β€œto” field.

PLEASE HIT THE "SUBMIT" BUTTOM ABOVE SO YOUR ONLINE FORM IS RECORDED. When entered correctly, you will see the "submit" button change into a "thank you." If you do not see "thank you," please review your form and try hitting "submit" again. 


3) Payment:

first click on the $15 Judges fee. Then click "Back to testing" above the purple box. continue adding an "out of club fee" if you are not a first club NEFsc member of fscb, and add each test that your skater is taking. When done, click "check out."  

Click here to pay online


pay by check - click here to download pdf worksheet and mail in with check

Applications are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis, with NEFSC and FSCB members taking precedence. No refunds will be issued unless the test day is cancelled.