2018 - 2019 NEFSC First Club Coaching Application 

(that has paid $75 for 2018 summer coaching contract)

Your Usfs membership is included July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019


1) provide the following to newedgefsc@gmail.com:

  1. Email the following to newedgefsc@gmail.com :  

    • Documentation of meeting minimum coaching requirements as outlined in the application below.

    • Current proof of Liability Insurance

    • Proof of Safesports certification

    • Proof of Heads-up certification

    • A current resume with professional references

    • First club coaches send a digital head and shoulder photo if you do not currently have one on our website or if you would like to replace your current photo.

  2. Make sure your background check through USFS is up-to-date by August 1, 2018.

  3. Either pay online after submitting successfully the form below or provide check payable to NEFSC for $25.

  4. Coaches will not be allowed to coach on Club ice for the 2018-2019 season until all required documentation is received by NEFSC!

  5. If you are unable to send digital documentation above, you may mail all information to NEFSC, 1403 Lexington Blvd, Royal Oak MI 48073. Or place in the NEFSC mailbox at the rink.

If you have any questions or concerns see any Board Member or contact Lisa Bonello at newedgsfsc@gmail.com

Your USFS membership must be renewed by June 30, 2018 if you plan to coach during the summer months. All Coaching applications and Code of Ethics forms must be returned to NEFSC by August 31, 2018. Coaches will not be allowed to coach on Club ice for the 2018-2019 season until all paperwork is received by NEFSC!

2) fill out the online form:

Name Of Coach *
Name Of Coach
Address *
Cell Phone *
Cell Phone
Home Phone *
Home Phone
Policy number expiration date
Minimum Coaching Requirements: please check all that apply. You must meet at least one of the below requirements and provide documentation on achieving the highest level: *
Ok to publish rates? *
CPR certified *
Background check date completed *
Background check date completed
Emergency contact name *
Emergency contact name
Emergency Contact Phone Number *
Emergency Contact Phone Number
I certify that the above information is accurate, and that I have met the minimum coaching requirements as outlined. I agree to follow all rules and regulations on and off the ice as stated by the New Edge FSC, and to encourage students to do the same. *
New Edge FSC Coaches Professional Ethics & Policies 2018 – 2019 1. Responsibility for running the club rests with its Board of Directors and not the club professionals. 2. Pros will maintain a professional attitude at all times – this includes to skaters, parents, rink management, rink employees and other coaches. 3. Club professionals are expected to exercise discretion and care in their relations with each other, their skaters and students of other club professionals. 4. Public criticism of a skater or coach by a club professional shall be deemed unprofessional conduct. This includes Facebook and all forms of electronic communication, which can be viewed publicly. 5. The club professional is responsible for teaching the proper respect and conduct to their skater while on the ice. 6. Club professionals may politely correct any students who are endangering themselves or others while on the ice. 7. Professionals must be members in good standing with the Professional Skaters Association, obtain a PSA rating and continue to improve that rating. 8. Club professionals are to follow USFS guidelines regarding coach requirements; this includes taking the Continuing Education Requirements if you plan to coach at U.S. Figure Skating Test Sessions or coach at U.S. Figure Skating Non-Qualifying Competitions. 9. Professionals shall not solicit directly or indirectly, students or parents of another professional. 10. If a club professional requires temporary assistance from a non-club professional; permission from the Board of Directors will be required. The Board requires the following information in writing: name, teaching dates, skill, names of students, and proof of insurance. 11. Complaints or recommendations by professionals should be put in writing and given to the Pro Liaison or another Board Member for resolution or discussion by the Board of Directors. 12. The Club does not mediate Parent/Pro concerns. 13. The music monitor handles music rotations. A professional may not cut rotation more than one time during a skater’s session. 14. Club professionals must provide the Club with a list of all their students skating on Club ice, including e-mail addresses. 15. Club Professionals must be in skates, on the ice, with their student during all lessons. Coaching from the bench in street shoes or skates, yelling instruction across the ice is not permitted. 16. All Coaching Memberships/Applications must be received prior to the first day of the NEFSC season. 17. All 1st and 2nd Club Coaches must attend the mandatory Annual Fall Coaches Meeting. 18. Coaches may request permission from the NEFSC Board to allow a Guest skater to exceed the 5 session rule due to a “special circumstance”. a. The request must be emailed to Lisa Bonello: newedgefsc@gmail.com a minimum of 7 days in advance of the skater skating his/her 6th session. b. Will be reviewed by the entire NEFSC Board and a response given within 48 hours. c. This is for “special circumstances” only. Out of town skaters dropping in to skate throughout the season does not fall under “special circumstance” 19. The Board shall deal with violation of the above policies. Any professional who cannot abide by these rules will be given a warning. The second offense will result in suspension; the third offense is dismissal. I have read the Coaches Professional Ethics and agree to follow them accordingly:
PLEASE CHOOSE ONE! Application will not be complete until payment is received.

PLEASE HIT THE "SUBMIT" BUTTOM ABOVE SO YOUR ONLINE FORM IS RECORDED. When entered correctly, you will see the "submit" button change into a "thank you." If you do not see "thank you," please review your form and try hitting "submit" again. 

3) Payment:

If paying by check, leave at the front desk made payable to NEFSC and write "first club coach fee" on the subject line.