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8th Annual SkateFest

Another SkateFest is done! Thank you to our fabulous board for their support, our parents who volunteered and our skaters who represented the NEFSC.


We hosted over 100 skaters skating in more than 135 events; more than 40 coaches; and 16 Skating Clubs from Alpena to Wyandotte.


Our judges and officials complemented us over and over on a great event, visiting parents and coaches thanked us, and there were many happy faces in the crowd. Thank you to all Club members who continue to build the reputation of the NEFSC.


Results are posted at: on the home page. Photos at the podium and videos of each skater's events will be available in about a week; a link will be sent to each participant to download.


I often say we have a small but great club. That was proved on Saturday when we fell short of volunteers but extra hands quickly stepped in to pick up. There are too many people to individually thank, but a few deserve extra recognition: Akane Behrens, who took over as ice monitor at 10 am and worked until the end of the day and Akina Behrens who was a runner most of the day as well; Jen Day who announced awards the entire day; John McGill who stepped into many spots; Mark Osborne and Mark Chafetz who ran out to get food for the judges when the scheduled delivery went missing; Anna Vollmer who helped at hospitality; Jan Bradley who ran two hospitality rooms all day; Junior Board members who helped as music runners, at hospitality and wherever I could put them; and Lisa Bonello who started the day with me at 6 am and was the last to walk out with me at 6:30 pm.  I'm sure I'm missing people and I sincerely apologize for that, but a huge heartfelt thanks to everyone who volunteered. Putting together a competition is the easy part. The hard part is having everyone willing to work together and give it their all so it not only runs smooth, but so it is memorable for the 100+ skaters and the 40+ coaches. Our club does that year after year and I, for one, am proud to say I am a member of the NEFSC.