Dan Hollander

Email: Dan@DanHollander.com

Coaching Disciplines: Freestyle, Moves, Choreography, and Power Skating

Competitive Experience:

2000 American Open Professional Champion

’96 and ’97 National Senior Men’s Bronze medalist

’96 Worlds 10th 

Testing Experience:

Gold medalist in Freestyle, Dance, Field Moves, and Figures. Novice Pairs.

2009 Choreographed Scott Hamilton’s “Everything Old is New Again,” program.

Dan has been teaching since 1989, mixing humor, patience, and a strong technical background to help skaters achieve their potential.  He started skating at the age of 4.  He went to his first Champions On Ice the following year and laughed at Scott Hamilton skating his chicken routine.  “How cool would that be to make people laugh like that,” he thought. In 1996 he placed high enough at Nationals to be invited on that same tour he saw the chicken 20 years earlier.  He slung a mop to his janitor routine and obtained the laughter he always wanted to hear.  He traveled with Champions on Ice as a full cast member for close to a decade when it closed in 2007.  Dan is still performing around the world as well as coaching in Michigan.  

Dan is accepting new students. 

for more information and videos please visit:  www.danhollander.com